KOICA (Korea International Cooperation Agency) Indonesia Office invites eligible Bidders for the Design and Construction Supervision of “the Project of Enhancing Social Rehabilitation Support for the Indonesian Vulnerable Youth in Jakarta.”

Selecting Design and Construction Supervision Firm of “the Project of Enhancing Social Rehabilitation Support for the Indonesian Vulnerable Youth in Jakarta”

Remodeling of PSBR-1 (Panti Sosial Bina Remaja Taruna Jaya-1) Tebet Sub-District, South Jakarta District, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia.

(Detailed information can be found in the attachment) Duration: Total 22 months including Design, Bidding support for selecting the Contractor, Construction Supervision and Building take-over Basic Price: USD 146,000

The interested Bidders are required to submit the documents with ‘Letter of Interest’ for Bid Eligibility evaluation as below: (Please refer to the attachment for detailed information)

Enterprise Registration License Business License (Design) (2022) Certificate (2021) Evidence of performance in Indonesia (5 years: 2017~2021)

Last 3 years of Financial Report (balance sheet and income statement) Certificates of Work Completion.

Only eligible Bidders with the following key qualification may be able to participate in this Bidding; (Please refer to the attachment for detailed information).

The above mentioned documents are to be required for Pass or Fail judgment.

Bidders should have at least one design and one construction supervision performance record respectively, which is equivalent to USD 80,000 per one contract/project or higher during 2017 and 2021 (five years) in Indonesia.

RFP (request for proposal) will be informed and distributed to any Bidders which will have passed the mentioned key qualification as scheduled.

Registration of participation in Bidding by ‘Letter of Interest’ with the relevant attachment in person to KOICA Office (Original) as well as through email (Softcopy) in using the given format as designated hereto, no later than 16:30, 18 October 2022. (Email submission: jinkorea25@heerim.com / koica.id.youth@gmail.com).

For the detailed information, please find the announcement and ‘Letter of Interest’ format which can be accessed through: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1IHEl_SRFUv8dr8Sy-oXLCD5gzxo16-nD?usp=sharing

Thus conveyed, thank you for your attention and participation.

Posted in Berita on 07 Oct, 2022